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Throw Me Like Clay by John Ledbetter

Video installation  |  2017  |  09 min loop  |  photographed + edited by John Ledbetter  |  music by Choncey Langford  |   produced by John Ledbetter + April Day  |  additional manipulated footage from The Girls on F Street

In 1970 an artist sanctuary-of-sorts hidden under Hollywood’s oldest gym to the stars closed its doors for good. After forty-five years and a set of fortunate meta-circumstances, DVNTV producers John Ledbetter and April Day are ushered in through a steel door and down a rickety set of wooden stairs into the primordial studio/fuckpad, abandoned like a counterculture village left to peel in the damp basement air. It is exactly here, from this subterranean sculpting studio, from this Beverly Blvd. lair that the soon-to-be hippie king, Vito Paulekas, would operate his epicenter for Freaks, spewing a healthy supply of painted-up dancers and sculptors out onto the Sunset strip to thrash their smelly food-sacks right into high-culture hotbeds like Canter’s Deli and The Troubadour for a little late nite dance-a-thon/love romp.

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Producers April Day + John Ledbetter shooting in Vito Paulekas’s dance/art studio.

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