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MOSES by Mercedes


REEK’s resident provocative documentarian, Moses, stunningly captures and exploits the human condition incarnate all fleshy-flesh and fishnets. When this subversive South Bay eye pairs with his never modest subject, Mercedes the Muse, better make way for a unique blend of hyper-erotic mayhem and good humor. Their newest madness feature, ROSE AND VIKTOR: NO MERCY! is streaming at TROMA NOW!


Hidden Valley Raunch: Instant Prints of Mercedes the Muse by Moses  |  Throw Me Like Clay


Refine the Shape: Admissions From The Chaos Theatre


REEK is as exclusive as the day is long and absolutely loves it and intends on keeping it just exactly that way for ever and ever & ever. Today’s marginalized art market is awash in a we-are-all-creatives! false positive mediocrity so here we find ourselves with the pointed obligation to disrupt the further exchange or sale of boring, stale and obligatory… little a … small r… tiny t…


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