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MOSES by Mercedes

Reek’s resident provocative documentarian, Moses, stunningly captures and exploits the human condition incarnate all fleshy-flesh and fishnets.  When this subversive South Bay eye pairs with his never modest subject, Mercedes the Muse, better make way for a unique blend of hyper-erotic mayhem and good humor.

Watch them get right down to the dirty work right now in their exclusive six part mini-doc DVNTV series Mercedes the Muse.


Hidden Valley Raunch  |  Color Me Radical


Watch the DVNTV exclusive series MERCEDES THE MUSE  |  Moses on DVNTV  |  Moses’ Rose and Viktor: No Mercy  |  Movies by Moses  |  Photos by Moses  |  The Gutter Project



Own the duo’s first erotic photo book, Hidden Valley Raunch!  ONLY AT REEK.

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