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Birthed at the end of the final year of the nineteen seventies, John Ledbetter was raised in a single-parent, multi-sister north Dallas suburban home where from the age of eight he clumsily manufactured animations using a homemade light table and a super-8mm camera purchased from a cycloptic repairman who calculated your cost by the pound. After spending the next decade discovering the world of live-action and making significant improvements to his filmmaking techniques, John booked it to California to attend the higher education liberal arts community of CalArts where he indulgently experimented in art conceptualization, production and exhibition.

John has been carried down the Five to swim amid the Hollywood suburban wilds endlessly informing his works. There he shares a modest city-life with his beautiful long-time partner and a tireless English pup, both of whom perpetually encourage John to challenge routine interests.

To date, his artistic legacy includes co-writing spec screenplays with David Jacobson (Dahmer, Down in the Valley), designing unique advertisements, producing original digital content and constructing intuitive web societies.



The first and only comprehensive study on the revolutionary-but-elusive ceramist to the stars, Freak-Out founder, anti-war rock promoter and all-around irreverent counterculture guru, Vito Paulekas.

Release date: 2017

Writer/Director/Producer: John Ledbetter

Producer: April Day

Music: Choncey Langford  +  Christopher Mosley

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Let’s Take An Electric Bath (light sculpture) by John Ledbetter

A Future In Plastics (sculpture) by John Ledbetter

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